Chiller Review: Disclaimer by Renee Knight

First Line: ‘Catherine braces herself, but there is nothing left to come up. She grips the cold enamel and raises her head to look in the mirror.’

What the blurb says: 

Imagine if the next thriller you opened was all about you.
When an intriguing novel appears on Catherine’s bedside table, she curls up and begins to read. But as she turns the pages she is horrified to realize she is a key character, a main player.

This story will reveal her darkest secret.  A secret she thought no one else knew…

This debut novel centres around Catherine Ravenscroft, a success documentary filmmaker married to a successful lawyer Robert, with a troubled grown-up son, Nick.

Catherine finds a self-published novel on her dressing table, as she starts to read she discovers that her long buried secret is contained within its pages and what’s worse is someone else knows it. With her past haunting her, Catherine’s world starts to fall apart with disastrous consequences. But as her secret comes to the surface Catherine is forced to comes to terms with the truth of what really happened the day her life changed forever – but can she and her family survive the fallout?

The novel is told from both the viewpoints of Catherine and Stephen Bridgestocke, a retired English teacher who is mourning the death of his wife. As the novel progresses you discover how their lives are interlinked which stems from the one day in their past that Catherine is trying to hide.

I found this novel captivating, with an interesting cast of characters and a strong premise about something as harmless as a novel which is usually read for entertainment but is used instead as a malicious tool for revenge.

This is a great debut novel with a tightly woven plot and dark undertones which make for an entertaining read.

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