Chiller Review: Watching Edie by Camilla Way


Edie is the friend that Heather has always craved. But one night, it goes terrifyingly wrong. And what started as an innocent friendship ends in two lives being destroyed.

Sixteen years later, Edie is still rebuilding her life. But Heather isn’t ready to let her forget so easily. It’s no coincidence that she shows up when Edie needs her most.

Edie or Heather?
Heather or Edie?

Someone has to pay for what happened, but who will it be?

Present day: Edie is pregnant after a one-night stand who is struggling to deal with the impending birth of her child. She is all alone living in a one bedroom flat in London and has lost contact with her family.

When she gives birth to her daughter she sinks deeper into oblivion unable to care for herself of her daughter. So when Heather, her childhood friend who she hasn’t seen for sixteen years, appears out of the blue and comes to her rescue Edie should be grateful – but something is wrong…very wrong.

This novel was breath-taking!

It is clear from the very beginning that something dreadful happened to Edie and Heather when they were both teenagers which altered both their lives. I found myself sympathising with both characters even though there is something sinister hidden beneath the surface of their relationship.

This novel is told from two points of view. Heather’s view point is set in the past when she and Edie were teenagers and Edie’s view point is set in the present day. The author manages to fuse both these timelines together by revealing little bits slowly as the novel progresses which kept me turning the page as I was compelled to find out what happened and what will happen. The author does a fantastic job of keeping the suspense in both timelines right up until the very end while hinting at an unknown danger and kept me guessing what happened on that one night many years ago. I plowed through this book without drawing breath!

I cannot write this review without commenting on the ending. There are no words to describe how I felt without revealing spoilers. What I will say is – it is a novel which will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and then when you think you have it sussed out the author turns everything on its head. This is an amazing read which lulls you into a false sense of security only to pack a punch on the very last page. I even screamed at this point in the novel as I just couldn’t see it coming – even now I am still shocked by the truth.

This book is a tale of obsession, stifling relationships, and how one decision can destroy the lives of everyone.

I loved this novel from start to finish with its claustrophobic atmosphere and stifling characters – no wonder I found myself creeped out at times (in a good way). This is a definite must-read.

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To find out more about Camilla Way follow her on Twitter @CamillaLWay.


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