Pushing Up Daisies: Mothers Day Review

As it’s mother’s day today I’m going to do something a little different. My mum is a massive fan of Cosy Crime novels, her absolute favourite are the Agatha Raisin series! She is always telling me about her latest read and is constantly on at me to read one of them. So, today I decided to hand over the reigns to her so she can have a chat about her latest crime read, Pushing Up Daisies by M.C. Beaton.

First up the Blurb:

Agatha Raisin Book.jpg

Allotment wars!  

Lord Bellingham, Carsely’s biggest landholder, has enraged locals by saying he is going to sell off their allotments to make way for a new housing development. So when he turns up dead, poisoned by antifreeze, nobody mourns his passing.

On another fine summer’s day Agatha visits Carsley’s allotments where everything looks peaceful and perfect: people of all ages digging in the soil and working hard to grow their own fruit and veg. Agatha feels almost tempted to take on a strip herself . . . but common sense soon prevails. She doesn’t really like getting her hands dirty.

She is introduced to three oldtimers who have just taken over a new strip; Harry Perry, Bunty Daventry and Josephine Merriweather are lamenting the neglected condition of the patch. But as Harry starts to shovel through the weeds and grass his spade comes across something hard so he bends down and tries to move the object. And then he starts to yell . . . 

The body is that of Peta Currie, a newcomer to the village – but who would want to murder her? Blonde and beautiful she’s every local male’s favourite. And then Lord Bellingham’s son engages Agatha to do some digging of her own and very soon Agatha is thrown into a world of petty feuds, jealousies and disputes over land. It would seem that far from being tiny gardens of Eden, Carsley’s allotments are local battlefields where passions – and the bodycount – run high!

Thoughts About the Book:

Basically she’s asked to investigate the death of the horrible man, Lord Bellingham, who is a nasty piece of work and wants to take away the allotments of Carsely, which has upset a lot of the locals. So Agatha is dragged in to investigate his murder but as usual man-mad Agatha manages to get herself into heaps of trouble!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it with Agatha up to her normal tricks. It is another funny novel in the series and is up to the usual Agatha Raisin standards with her love of men.

It is a throughly good-hearted read with I would recommend to others – especially for anyone who likes a really good dose of humour with their crime.

This novel can be purchased through Amazon here

Or Waterstones here

To find out more about M.C.Beaton follow her on Twitter at @mc_beaton.



6 responses to “Pushing Up Daisies: Mothers Day Review

      • I love the books but didn’t enjoy the TV series at all and stopped watching. The characters were so unlike the books especially in appearance – it felt as if the casting director had never read the books but they are definitely worth a read!

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  1. Oh really? That’s interesting, I think I enjoyed the plots more than the characters on the tv series but I didn’t have anything to compare them too. I will definitely pick one up! ☺


    • It took a bit of persuading haha! ☺ I will be reading one soon but there’s so many good ones I’ve heard about in the series, hard to choose which one to pick up first.


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